State Scientific and Cultural Center – Russian Federation

Congratulation of the General Director A. Seliverstov. to the collective of the MSCh No. 7 of the State Scientific and Cultural Center of the Russian Federation named after M.V. Khrunicheva.

In October, the medical-sanitary unit No. 7 of the State Scientific and Technical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

MV Khrunichev turns 40 years old. Over the years, the team of medical workers has not only developed, but also implemented in practice the principles of preventive medicine, aimed at preventing occupational diseases of those who work in harmful areas.

Regular preventive medical examinations helped maintain the health of employees and avoid undesirable consequences.

Doctors and nurses treated the workers at the plant with great care and attention.

On the territory of the enterprise were created 5 health centers, where everyone could undergo examination, vaccination and procedures.   Interaction between the enterprise and the MSU has become one of the main principles of the polyclinic. The plant has always helped in the maintenance of the building, the purchase of new equipment and much more.

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In the new conditions of the Russian statehood, the Space Center.

MV Khrunichev not only continued to take care of the health of his employees, but also raised this activity to a new level.

In 1997, the capital repair of the MSCh No. 7 was started, with its reconstruction and expansion at the expense of the dispensary.

New buildings were equipped in accordance with modern requirements.  

From 1995 to 2010, the team of the ISCh No. 7 provided medical support for launch programs at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

Currently, the SCNPU, as before, provides all kinds of medical support.

Polyclinic of the Space Center.

MV Khrunichev stands in line with the most modern medical institutions in the capital, where everyone can get the required consultations, a high level of which is based on the professionalism of specialists and the application of modern diagnostic methods.

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Dear staff of the ISCh No. 7, I wish you good health, professional development, a favorable climate in the team of the polyclinic, personal happiness, family well-being and all the kind and bright.

The SCNC will always work with you to solve the problems of providing the employees of the Space Center with medical aid at the modern level.  


General Director of SCNPC   named after MV Khrunichev